There is no ‘i’ in Jifiti

We allowed everyone to pick their own picture. So feel free to psycho-analyze.

Once talked down the price in a dollar store

Yaacov Martin

Co-Founder, CEO

Believes he can win a chess match with his eyes closed

Shaul Weisband

Co-Founder, CMO

Has more Delta miles than pilots

Meir Dudai

Co-Founder, CTO

Is somehow able to reply to emails in his sleep

Eran Kaspin

VP, Product

Is the only one alive that knows every single functionality on Excel

Daniel Citron


Black coffee and a cigarette is the most important meal of the day

Yossi Takok

Front End Developer

Can answer any question in Hebrew. As long as the answer is ‘sababa’

Stephanie Franje

Gift Registry Manager

Is vegan. But it's not her fault.

Tzviya Cohen

Front End Developer

Always happens to be sitting by the food at company meetings

Yifat Rosenberg

Development Team Leader

Can press a french press like there's no tomorrow.

BJ Mermelstein

Operations Manager

Her perfect day is watching 9 straight hours of user testing videos

Moriah Jesselson

Conversion Manager

We're pretty sure she sings heavy metal in the shower

Anastasia Tumilovich


Cold calls call centers as a hobby

Don Baum

Business Development and Sales

No one remembers hiring him. He just started working here one day.

Malachi Appel

Database Administrator

Will find a problem with anything. Which, now that we think about it, is good QA.

Daniel Efrusi

Lead QA

Michael Treser

Front End Developer

Knows her beer better than anyone else in the company

Adi Livne

Operations Analyst & CS Rep

Our spiritual compass. Always has a blessing available for anyone in need.

Gur Shenkman

Dev Product Manager

It's a chef! It's a handyman! It's our VP of Finance!

Daniel Tobias

VP of Finance

Thinks fast. Talks faster. Executes fastest.

Tzvika (Josh) Avnery

Everything Growth

Our chaos kryptonite.

Tamar Weber

Office Manager

She LOVES it when you stand over her shoulder and share your thoughts on her work

Lily Sheikhat

Creative Director

Find her by following the trail of chewed gum left behind

Ella Goldfeld

Biz Dev Specialist



Our CEO decided to mop the floor while on a conference call

We ranked everyone in the office by height

Doron sat 5 days straight on a project in the office and decided to shower on the porch

Daniel ran in to his long lost brother in the airport during a business trip

Nevo puts out the lights with this dunk (literally)

Our CTO had a few hours till he left for his ski trip and it showed.

Yossi tasted perfume

Even rain couldn’t spoil a cigarette break

Yifat and Moriah were too pregnant to say goodbye at the end of the day

Shaul was tied to a balloon for his entire birthday

The three founders. Yaacov must have eaten something that day – he just doesn’t look like himself

Jeff almost made out with a heat lamp

We sent three people to a conference and only had to pay for two

We started carpooling to work

Eran pulled a Steve Jobs

We’re not really sure. Something to do with wall painting.

Moriah made Fiona really jealous

The Jifiti US team went all North Korea on the office while Yaacov was away

Walter the office dog got stoned

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