Enabling Zero-Integration POS Financing

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The Future of POS Lending

  • A single integration to offer in-store financing to every retailer they work with
  • Efficient new customer acquisition strategy
  • Zero overhead to  maintain or add a retailer to a financing program
  • Deeper  insight into customer risk profile
  • Zero integration with lender’s systems
  • Short and simple onboarding
  • Maximize revenue by selling large ticket items with suitable financing
  • Global reach
  • No need to interact with staff to apply for financing and  risk the embarrassment of being declined
  • One-time installments loan for singular purchases without the need to get a new credit card
  • Simple and streamlined loan application processes

An API-Based Solution for Lenders

Introducing Jifiti - a simple way to bridge the gap between lenders and merchants

Jifiti’s new financing platform gives you the power to provide retailers with the ability to offer instant financing to qualified customers via a Mastercard digital prepaid card.

It reduces your operational costs since Jifiti requires only one integration and zero investment in maintenance to make your credit programs available at any retailer.

Jifiti provides a tool to reach and onboard new consumers as well as the opportunity to cross-sell  financial and banking services.

Consumer financing solutions for lenders

Jifiti’s Platform Programs


Last-mile disbursement of funds

Seamlessly transfer the financed funds to your partner retailers via existing Mastercard rails. Zero POS integration required.

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End-to-end POS financing for retailers

Easily offer POS financing to Jifiti’s portfolio retailers.

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Wedding registry financing

Incorporating lenders into Jifiti’s retail partner’s wedding registries to facilitate loan applications for registry completion.

Lenders Features


Jifiti’s customized, one-time integration enables lenders to offer financing for any retailer they choose without needing to integrate to their POS

Single integration via API into Jifiti’s platform.

A digital Mastercard prepaid card solution enables customers to checkout as they normally would.

Modular and customizable, based on your setup. We build out the API to offer whatever your system needs.

On-the-spot financing means consumers receive instant access to their funds.

How it works

A Seamless and Simple Process

Lender’s application form is displayed  by Jifiti in the retailer’s consumer financing interface
Consumer applies for financing – information is transferred via the secure API to the lender
Approval is returned to the Jifiti system via the API
Once approved, funds are issued on a digital Mastercard  prepaid card that can be used only at that retailer
Consumer uses the Mastercard digital prepaid card to check out in the store, just like they would any card
Consumer repays the lender directly in monthly installments.

With a digital financing platform, you have the opportunity to grow your consumer lending.

The right digital platform enables you to finance more consumer purchases through retailers, which means diversification for your lending portfolios and increased loan revenue.

POS Financing Captures Lost Sales







Here is what our clients have to say about us...

Lenders need to innovate their instore credit solutions to stay competitive and relevant to retailers and consumers.

Consumer confidence in alternative finance providers is growing. Not only is demand increasing for these solutions, but they have lower operational costs than traditional in-store retail financing products.


of U.S. millennials do not have a mainstream credit product


of UK millennial respondents have had loans with alternative providers


of global consumers use fintech solutions

Making a big purchase can be intimidating. Financing shouldn’t be.

Convenient financing – Instant solution for eligible customers, with clear terms so they always know how much they’re paying in monthly automatic repayments

A smoother application process – There is no need to apply for another credit card, or indicate to the store associate that financing is needed

Ease of use – The customer’s in-app and in-store experience allows them to check out like a regular paying customer

No more settling – The customer can now buy the item they really need or love without compromising on quality